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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Finpoint-1 | Jeff Bezos | Vodafone-ldea | GMR Infrastructure | Palm oil Rent policy

Jeff Bezos | Vodafone-ldea | GMR Infrastructure | Palm oil  Rent policy


Vodafone-Idea, the country's largest telecom company, has given another installment of adjusted gross revenue (AGR) arrears. Vodafone-Idea has paid 1 thousand crore rupees on Thursday. Earlier, the company had paid Rs 2,500 crore of AGR dues. Let us tell you that Vodafone-Idea has an outstanding AGR of 53 thousand crores. After giving 2 installments of outstanding AGR, the share of Vodafone-Idea has increased.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and one of the world's richest celebrities, has decided to donate $ 10 billion i.e. 71 thousand 419 crore rupees to reduce climate change. This amount is 7.7% of their net worth. The net worth of Bezos is $ 130 billion, which is about 9 lakh 28 thousand 444 crore rupees. Bezos says that "Climate Change is a big threat to our Earth and I want to work with new ways to reduce Climate change".

GMR Infrastructure

ADP, a French group, is going to acquire a 49% stake in GMR Infrastructure's Airport Business. This Deal will be worth Rs 10,780 crore. Under Deal, GMR Group will get Rs 5,248 crore immediately. This will help the company to reduce the loan and improve the cash flow. Let us tell you that GMR manages the airport in Delhi and Hyderabad.

Palm oil| Rent policy

About 70 licenses have been issued by the Government of India to import 5 lakh tonnes of refined palm oil from Nepal, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. All these licenses will be valid for 18 months only. Earlier, palm oil was imported from Malaysia but on 8 January, after the Prime Minister of Malaysia gave a statement against the Citizenship Law of India, the government banned the import of refined palm oil from Malaysia. Let me tell you that India is the largest importer of vegetable oils in the world and imports about 15 million tonnes of vegetable oils every year. Out of this, 90 lakh tons of palm oil is imported, the remaining 6 million tons of soybean and Sunflower oil are imported

Rent policy

Very soon you will get to see a new Rent policy in the country. This new rent policy has the potential to fill lakhs of vacant houses in urban areas soon. Today a large number of people do not want to give their property on rent because they feel that if their legal basis is weak then their property will be occupied by others and they will not be able to get the property back. Therefore, the government is soon bringing a new Rent policy in which all states will be able to make changes as per their wish. With this, a large number Of houses that are not yet in use will be available in the housing market. Let me tell you that the laws related to House Rent are made in favor of most tenants. In such a situation, there have been many cases across the country in which tenants have occupied properties or are not vacating properties by paying a nominal rent for many years.

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