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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Donald Trump, Foreign Exchange Reserves, Seafood, Nirav Modi, BSNL, Mukesh Ambani, Post office

stock market news, Donald Trump, Foreign Exchange Reserves, Seafood, Nirav Modi, BSNL, Mukesh Ambani, Post office
stock market news

The US overtook China and became India's largest business partner

Prior to US President Donald Trump's visit to India, important news has emerged in relation to the two countries because now America has become India's largest business partner by beating China. According to the Ministry of Commerce, there was $ 87.95 billion business between India and the US in 2018-19. India's bilateral trade with China stood at $ 87.07 billion during this period. Similarly, between April and December in 2019-20, India's bilateral with the US stood at $ 68 billion, while India and China had a business of $ 64.96 billion.

India's foreign exchange reaches record level

India's Foreign Exchange Reserves have reached a record level. According to the latest data from the Reserve Bank, Foreign Exchange Reserves rose by $ 3.091 billion to reach a record level of $ 476.092 billion in the entire week of February 14. This is good news for the slowing Indian economy. According to RBI, the biggest reason for the rise in these Reserves is the increase of Foreign Currency Assets. Let us tell you that the biggest benefit of this will be to the country's economy. Actually, Foreign Exchange Reserves or Foreign Exchange Reserves are the funds or other assets held by the Central Bank of any country so that it can pay its loan if needed.

government is going to bring a law soon to 'hallmarking' fish and prawns

The government is soon going to introduce a law to do 'hallmarking' of fish and prawns. This law is being done to bring quality according to the Criteria of the European Union. The European Union is the third-largest market for Indian seafood. Seafood exports of 47 thousand crore rupees from India. After this law, exports will get faster. Through this law, the government will be able to control the quality of fish and prawns from hatchery to processing.

Nirav Modi's vehicles auctioned

More than one car is present in the garage of businessman Nirav Modi who has fled the country. Which is now being confiscated and sold? The public auction to be held on February 27 includes Nirav Modi's luxury handbags, watches, and cars. Which includes expensive cars like Rolls Royce Ghost. Let us tell you that these expensive vehicles were also brought up for auction earlier, but then no buyers were found. Earlier, Rolls Royce Ghost's bid was started at Rs 1.5 crore but now the starting price of these vehicles is expected to come down in the Public Auction to be held on 27 February.

BSNL Employees on one day-long hunger strike

Today, on Monday, the employees of the state-run company BSNL are on a one-day hunger strike to protest against the delay in the revival of Rs 69 thousand crores, which has been announced by the government. BSNL employees across the country are joining this strike. The reason for this hunger strike is to implement the relief package announced by the Union Cabinet for BSNL soon.

Reliance Retail on the list of 50 fastest-growing retail companies in the world

Reliance Retail, a company of the country's big businessman Mukesh Ambani, has achieved the achievement. Reliance Retail Financials topped the fastest-growing 50 retail companies in the world between 2013 and 2018. Deloitte has ranked the top 50 retail companies in the world based on Annual Revenue for the Financial Year 2018. In this list, Indian company Reliance Retail has got the first rank. In 2017, Reliance Retail was ranked 6th.

new rules in a post office

If you have a savings, PF or Sukanya account in the post office, then according to the new rules, now you have to keep a minimum of 500 rupees in your account. If not done, then you will have to pay a fine of Rs 100 from the last working day of the Financial Year i.e. 31 March 2020. The Department of Post office has increased the minimum balance limit from Rs 50 to Rs 500. Also, if the account has zero balance, it will be closed.

H-1B visa rule change application

This year the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has changed the H-IB visa application rule. According to the new rule, employers will now have to register online for H-IB visas. In this, basic information will have to be given about the visa holders and about the company. A charge of $ 10 will be charged on every registration which is non-refundable. The registration process will start on 1 March 2020 and will close on 20 March 2020.

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